Routt GOP: Voters can restore balance in local, state, federal politics on Nov. 8

Routt GOP: Voters can restore balance in local, state, federal politics on Nov. 8

This election year is an opportunity for Routt County voters to vote for balance and make significant course corrections away from the direction Democrats have taken our county, Colorado and America. Our governments at every level need fresh ideas that will restore balance, reason and common sense. Today, seven out of 10 likely voters believe America is heading in the wrong direction.

Democrats know they’re in trouble and they’re doing everything they can to distract voters from their record. In Colorado, Democrat smear merchants are propagating outright lies about Republican candidates and highlighting the abortion issue to avoid discussing the real problems most voters want solved.

The truth is, our neighbors are most concerned about runaway inflation, burgeoning crime, the fentanyl crisis, and the quality of public education, according to recent polling. Democrats like Rep. Dylan Roberts have played a significant role in exacerbating these problems because the Colorado state house and senate lack balance.

Rep. Roberts supported HB22-1326, the Fentanyl Accountability and Prevention bill, that simply adjusted the amount of illegal doses of fentanyl and did nothing to curb trafficking and prevent overdoses. Representative Roberts also supported SB-217, the Police Integrity Transparency and Accountability Act, which mandated onerous reporting processes that took police resources off the street. He also supported HB22-1362, Building Greenhouse Gas Emissions, which will require building code changes to comply with “green energy” mandates. According to the Common Sense Institute, these mandates will add about $42,000 to building costs for each new home in Colorado, making housing less affordable.

Like Dylan Roberts, Meghan Lukens lacks balance by supporting the Denver-Boulder “progressive” agenda. She is already having to backtrack from her record as a Boulder County Democratic Party vice chair. In this position, Ms. Lukens was responsible for advocating and fundraising for Democrat interests including Proposition 114 and the reintroduction of wolves. Although she claims to not have voted for the measure, she didn’t speak out against it and instead enabled its passage through her advocacy. Boulder county overwhelmingly voted to reintroduce wolves to the Western Slope. In order to cover up other political inconveniences, Ms. Lukens recently removed two videos from YouTube where she promotes the virtues of Critical Race Theory in public schools. Clearly, she now believes Marxist-based theories like CRT are not a popular sell to the voters of Routt County and the Western Slope.

County commissioner candidate Sonja Macys wishes to continue the legacy of one-party Democrat leadership on Routt County’s Board of Commissioners. During her time as a Steamboat Springs City Council member, she never met a tax increase or fee she couldn’t support. Ms. Macys’ approach to every problem is more tax and spend initiatives. For example, she believes a $100 million extension of the core trail would help address regional transportation and by extension affordable housing. These are the same approaches that continue to inhibit responsible growth and economic prosperity in Routt County. Ms. Macys’ approach to solving these problems is more bureaucracy using other people’s money. Her approach also includes the implementation of the Climate Action Plan, a boiler-plate document which has never undergone a cost-benefit analysis. The impact of incomplete climate action plans on lives and on the economy is becoming well demonstrated in Europe as millions of people fight to afford their homes let alone heat them and keep the lights on.

Democrat leadership and policies at the federal, state and local level have exacerbated inflation by thoughtlessly pouring more and more money into an already overheated economy that has a limited supply of goods and services. Their soft-on-crime policies have made our communities more dangerous and less productive. Democrat public education policies have stolen from our children and degraded the quality of public education by putting union interests before those of parents and children.

Democrats own these problems. The Democrat Party is the majority party in both houses of Congress and in the executive office at the federal and state level. Now, it’s time to bring balance, reason and common sense back to our federal, state and local governments. Our Republican candidates will listen to Routt County residents and truly represent their interests and values. They will bring new ideas to the table and build bridges to unite our communities and deliver meaningful change to the direction of our country, state, and county. We can no longer afford one party rule in Routt County, Colorado and America. Let’s bring balance and meaningful change by voting for the Republican Party on Nov. 8.

This column was provided by the Routt County Republican Central Committee.

PUBLISHED SOURCE: Steamboat Pilot & Today

Letter: House race isn’t a competition on who has lived here the longest

Letter: House race isn’t a competition on who has lived here the longest

In my short time of just over four years living in Routt County, I have come to truly love and value this rural area. I have had the opportunity to meet and speak candidly with Savannah Wolfson. It is important that our representation for District 26 also understands the challenges and mirrors with support. To completely understand the challenges and expenses of buying groceries, gas, housing, raising children and having livestock. 

This candidate race is not a competition on who has lived here the longest, but rather who fully understands all the obstacles of a rural community. I want a candidate that experiences the same cringe my family and I experience when paying for gas, housing and utility bills, and groceries. It is not easy to live in a rural area as costs keep rising and policies go against ranching communities—i.e. wolf reintroduction. Honesty seems to be a dying attribute, but I am confident Savannah Wolfson is honest and genuinely interested in supporting our district. 

Voting in elections is our civic duty. With the upcoming elections on November 8, 2022 quickly approaching, please vet the candidates that are running—don’t just vote for a candidate because of their affiliation. It is very important to have a candidate that reflects the values of their constituents and will properly represent and be the voice of District 26. Savannah Wolfson is just that candidate! 

S. Brett Ferrier – Hayden, CO

PUBLISHED SOURCE: Steamboat Pilot & Today



Denver, CO — Political outsider, successful business leader, and Republican nominee for U.S. Senate Joe O’Dea issued the following statement following the new report showing a high August inflation rate, breaking expectations.

Consumer prices including gasoline, groceries, and rents surged 8.3% in August compared to a year ago.

“Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion spending bill caused this inflation crisis, and Michael Bennet was the deciding vote,” said Joe O’Dea. “The Inflation Reduction Act won’t lower inflation. Spending trillions won’t lower inflation. One-party control of Washington, D.C. won’t lower inflation. America needs change.”

Core prices jumped 0.6% from July to August. Rent, medical care services, and new cars all grew more expensive last month. This is 6.3% higher than the previous year.

The cost of groceries climbed 0.7%, marking a total 113.5% increase over the last year — the highest since May 1979. Rent costs climbed 0.8%, up 6.7% from last year. Electricity is up 15.8% and health insurance is up 24.3%.

Congress had passed a $900 billion economic stimulus package in December 2020, after additional spending earlier in the year. Still, Joe Biden pushed Congress to pass the $1.9 trillion spending package, the American Rescue Plan. Michael Bennet applauded this decision.

Reckless spending worsened inflation, and Biden and Bennet went ahead despite warnings from economists.

Biden pressed Congress to pass another multi-trillion dollar spending package, Build Back Better. Michael Bennet, again, expressed his support for the package, putting the interests of the Democratic Party over the interests of the country.

Learn more about Joe O’Dea’s campaign here.

SOURCE: Joe O’Dea For Colorado

Kathi Meyer: Transportation

Kathi Meyer: Transportation

Routt County not only has a river running through it, but also a US Highway. The highway brings opportunities in facilitating connections between municipalities via car, truck or bus, but it also brings front range control of several other highways via oversight by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

When I-70 closes for fire or mudslide, Routt County sees major traffic impacts without any significant financial help or long-range alternatives.

As your Commissioner, I will work collaboratively with all affected entities for a fair and equitable solution. Doing nothing is not an option.

Kathi Meyer

One possible improvement is the formation and funding, subject to voter approval, of a Regional Transportation Authority (RTA). Improving roads, increasing bus services and even exploration of resurrecting rail service are all opportunities possible by creating an entity whose sole focus is all things transit. The one exception would be to continue to support the existing ownership and operation of the Yampa Valley Regional Airport by the County.

Last year saw the cost benefit and improved operational alternatives as a result of expanded competition. There are exciting things on the horizon with an expanded terminal and a potential new industrial park surrounding the airport. Upkeep of our Road and Bridge system is a core service of the County which demands continued focus and upkeep.

Finally, we must seek partnerships with both other public sectors partners and private development to increase bike and pedestrian connections, not just on a neighborhood basis, but on a community-wide level.

SOURCE: Kathi Meyer for County Commissioner

Kathi Meyer: Fiscal Responsibility

Kathi Meyer: Fiscal Responsibility

Early in my lending career, my mentor told me to treat every financial decision I made as if it was funded by my own hard-earned dollars.

As your County Commissioner, I vow to treat every financial decision as if it was my last penny.

My track record on the Steamboat Springs City Council supports my ethic of conservative fiscal responsibility.

Kathi Meyer

I will use my 25 years of disciplined financial management experience to thoroughly evaluate and understand every aspect of Routt County’s revenue and expenses. My corporate experience and common-sense approach taught me fiscal discipline and the ability to understand complex financial structures.

One of the key duties of all County Commissioners is the annual budget review and oversight of the County’s revenues and expenses. Unlike some cities, counties and states, the current fiscal status of Routt County is strong. I pledge to continue that strength as your fiscal steward.

One of the core values adopted Routt County is fiscal responsibility. It states in part “An obligation… by balancing efficiency and flexibility with budgetary discipline, while seeking sustainable resources and practicing long-term planning and prudent use of debt.” I couldn’t agree more.

Every decision has consequences, and each consequence has a cost. I will make sure that my fellow Commissioners hear that principle on a regular basis.

SOURCE: Kathi Meyer for County Commissioner



Denver, CO — In case you missed it, former U.S. Senator Hank Brown and former state Representative Cole Wist co-authored an opinion column in The Colorado Sun dispelling the outrageous and dishonest attacks from allies of Senator Michael Bennet on Concrete Express Inc. (CEI), Joe O’Dea’s construction company.


“O’Dea’s construction company, Concrete Express, Inc., has one of the best safety records and finest professional reputations in the construction industry.”

“At Concrete Express, first-generation Americans have worked their way up from entry-level laborers to becoming co-owners alongside Joe.”

“Benefits at O’Dea’s company are generous — the company helps pay college tuition for the children of employees through a scholarship program. Chronically ill workers are given months of paid leave and benefits.”

“Joe’s company gets hired by Republican counties and Democratic cities to build roads and reservoirs, to reroute rivers around old dams, and to build environmentally friendly bridges, trails and footpaths that expand access to Colorado’s wondrous outdoors”

On Giving Back:

“O’Dea and Concrete Express have donated millions of dollars in labor, construction supplies, and engineering know-how to Father Woody’s Haven of Hope, a homeless shelter in Denver now named Haven of Hope.”

“When O’Dea says we need to clean up homelessness, crime and addiction on the streets of Denver, even as we provide humane alternatives for those down on their luck, you can know Joe O’Dea walks the walk.”

On Joe’s Honesty:

“O’Dea spent months in the Republican Primary telling pro-life audiences and conservative talk show hosts he disagreed with them on abortion, that he would vote to codify Roe vs. Wade, but that he hoped the GOP would back him because he would attack inflation, cut the debt and support the police and military.”

“O’Dea told Donald Trump supporters that the former president was wrong to deny the 2020 election’s outcome.”

“Joe O’Dea has said he hopes Trump doesn’t run (he doesn’t think Biden should either) and he will campaign for another contender — like Sen. Tim Scott — if he does.”

“He tells immigrant communities he supports citizenship for ‘Dreamers’ —  people protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program — but that we need to bolster border security to keep-out fentanyl, crime, and cartels.”

Learn more about Joe O’Dea’s campaign here.  

SOURCE: Joe O’Dea For Colorado

Heidi Ganahl Call on Polis to Act Now to Stop the Polis Premium

Greenwood Village, CO – For three years, Governor Jared Polis has refused to submit a waiver to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that would prevent hardworking Coloradans from paying 50 more cents per gallon for gas. Now, Coloradans are supposed to believe that in an election year reversal, Polis is ready to submit the science and save us money. Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Heidi Ganahl is calling on Governor Polis to stop the political pandering and act before the impending EPA deadline.

“For years, Jared Polis has been adamant in his refusal to submit a simple letter that would save Coloradans 50 cents a gallon because he prioritizes his and Joe Biden’s Green New Deal over the suffering of hardworking Coloradans. We see this for what it is: another election year ploy. If he is really willing to submit the letter, I call on Polis to submit that waiver today so that he meets the EPA deadline in time. Coloradans deserve the truth,” said Ganahl.

Earlier this year, the EPA downgraded the Denver area from a serious polluter to a severe polluter. That means, starting in the summer of 2024, gas stations must use a more expensive, refined fuel that emits fewer pollutants.

Previous governors, including Democrat John Hickenloper, sought and received waivers from the EPA because they were able to prove much of Colorado’s air pollution comes from other states. In 2019, two months after becoming governor, Polis said he would not seek an exemption for Colorado’s severe rating. He wanted this crackdown.

According to the executive director of the Colorado Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association, Polis has until September 15th to file the request for reconsideration or Coloradans will be mandated to use the more expensive fuel.

“Which Polis are we to believe? The one that took office in 2019 or the one that is attempting to buy his reelection now? Coloradans should not be fooled by Election Year Polis’ attempt to run from his record of working to destroy the oil and gas industry. Polis must ensure he meets the EPA deadline so that he cannot blame the EPA for his own refusal to act in time,” insists Ganahl.

SOURCE: Ganahl For Governor

Dylan Roberts – Increasing the Cost of Living on the Western Slope and in rural Colorado

Dylan Roberts – Increasing the Cost of Living on the Western Slope and in rural Colorado

August 8, 2022 – Dylan Roberts, the representative for House District 26 and candidate for Senate District 8, believes he’s a champion for small businesses and the agriculture industry on the Western Slope.

He’s not, he’s the opposite.

As a house legislator, Roberts signed SB21-260 Sustainability of the Transportation System bill that increases fuel taxes and transfers general fund revenue to raise $5.4 billion over ten years to support electric vehicles and increase “alternative” transportation. In other words, he signed a bill that bypassed the Tax Payer Bill of Rights (TABOR) by changing the name of taxes to fees to avoid a constitutionally mandated public vote on a tax increase. Essentially, Dylan Roberts wants to get every driver out of their affordable, reliable gas-powered vehicle and into an expensive, less reliable electric vehicle. Or, they should take the bus, ride a bike, or walk.

Keep in mind that electric vehicles make up less than 1% of the vehicles on our roads. That’s because they are three times more expensive than traditional vehicles because there’s very limited refueling infrastructure to support them. The quixotic quest to mitigate climate change through legislation like SB21-260 will increase the cost of every aspect of Colorado’s economy making small businesses too expensive to operate, livestock too expensive to transport, goods and services too expensive to purchase, and wages too expensive to pay. 

The cost of living on the Western Slope and in rural Colorado is already too high from bad Democrat policies that have exacerbated inflation and bottlenecked much of our supply chain. Colorado voters, small business owners, farmers, and ranchers need to be represented by a leader who will empower them by reducing regulations, fees, and taxes. It’s time to replace liberal, elitist legislators like Dylan Roberts with a leader who represents the free market and the prosperity of ALL Coloradans.

How does Sonja Macys’ ideas of applying Climate Action Plan driven policies to the Routt County Master Plan deliver affordable housing and regional transportation?

How does Sonja Macys’ ideas of applying Climate Action Plan driven policies to the Routt County Master Plan deliver affordable housing and regional transportation?

How does Sonja Macys’ ideas of applying Climate Action Plan driven policies to the Routt County Master Plan deliver affordable housing and regional transportation?

Everyone knows the Climate Action Plan (although approved by the Steamboat City Council which Kathi and Sonja were both members) has no
fiscal cost associated with it. In other words, it prescribes a lot of boiler-plate climate fluff that makes people feel good about the possibilities of affecting the direction of the climate without consideration for the impact on the economy and our way of life.

What Routt County needs is a balanced approach in policies that will deliver solutions that realistically and responsibly balance our environmental and economic needs. We don’t need unrealistic promises that will never be delivered and will cost our low and middle income families the ability to afford living in Routt County. As a city council member, Sonja Macys has a long history of making promises she could
never keep, and she never met a tax increase she couldn’t support. Sonja Macys’ will continue the same approach while expecting different results.

That’s insanity.

As a Republican, Kathi Meyer will represent the other half of Routt County besides those of the Steamboat Springs liberal elite. She will bring “all-the-above” solutions and balance to restore economic opportunity and prosperity to Routt County’s small businesses and citizens.

Savannah Wolfson: Cupcakes 

Savannah Wolfson: Cupcakes 

“Have a good day at school! Happy birthday, buddy!” I heard her say.

“Aww, it’s his birthday? Are you bringing cupcakes to school later?” I asked.

“Actually,” she responded, “I can’t fill up my tank with gas to get to the grocery store. I really don’t know what I’m going to do.”

I froze.

How many families are hurting this badly? Too many. I hear these stories everywhere I go. Kids only get one childhood. Mothers only get to raise their children once. What have we done to our beautiful nation and state?

We cannot continue on this way. It is time to run in the other direction.

We are literally paying for the bad policies. You can either empower the government or individuals, but not both. Many are learning today why we opt for empowering individuals. They’re learning at the gas pump, at the grocery store, at the bank. And they are ready for better ideas. Are you willing to join me in communicating effectively and kindly to those voters? They’re becoming more and more ready, so we can make huge strides in helping them see truth.

That’s why we are cruising on into the primary! I humbly ask for your vote! I will be top-ticket for the House District 26 race! Ballots will hit your mailboxes October 17th. Please fill them out and turn them in quickly!

We are currently in need of more funds to cover the last-minute primary ad push. Please consider making your investment now so we can reach our goals for the midterms. The investment limit is now $800 per voter. In order to win the general election, we must get through this first, and we need your help to do so.

Do you want to see me win and go on to the State House to advocate for affordability and safety, and to end the war on rural Colorado? I can’t do it without you! Here’s how you can help win the primary and the general:

Put up a yard sign! Invest in the campaign financially!

Talk to everyone you know! Share, react, and comment on our social media posts!

Set up a meet and greet in your town!

But before the primary, there’s one more important thing to do. Let’s come together as a community for Memorial Day. We remember those who died to protect others, defend our country, and keep us safe. We know there is no greater love than to make this sacrifice. Words are not sufficient, so I ask everyone to honor the fallen with your communities. As a military spouse, I also ask that you remember their loved ones in prayer. There will be a moment of silence at 3 PM local time on Memorial Day.

Moving forward, let’s work together to preserve and unify this nation that they fought and died for. And I’m sure they would agree that kids in our beloved country should get cupcakes on their birthday.

SOURCE: Savannah Wolfson for House District 26