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Kathi Meyer: Transportation

Routt County not only has a river running through it, but also a US Highway. The highway brings opportunities in facilitating connections between municipalities via car, truck or bus, but it also brings front range control of several other highways via oversight by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

When I-70 closes for fire or mudslide, Routt County sees major traffic impacts without any significant financial help or long-range alternatives.

As your Commissioner, I will work collaboratively with all affected entities for a fair and equitable solution. Doing nothing is not an option.

Kathi Meyer

One possible improvement is the formation and funding, subject to voter approval, of a Regional Transportation Authority (RTA). Improving roads, increasing bus services and even exploration of resurrecting rail service are all opportunities possible by creating an entity whose sole focus is all things transit. The one exception would be to continue to support the existing ownership and operation of the Yampa Valley Regional Airport by the County.

Last year saw the cost benefit and improved operational alternatives as a result of expanded competition. There are exciting things on the horizon with an expanded terminal and a potential new industrial park surrounding the airport. Upkeep of our Road and Bridge system is a core service of the County which demands continued focus and upkeep.

Finally, we must seek partnerships with both other public sectors partners and private development to increase bike and pedestrian connections, not just on a neighborhood basis, but on a community-wide level.

SOURCE: Kathi Meyer for County Commissioner