We Are Fighting To Keep Routt County Free, Safe, And Thriving

Together, we support candidates and issues that aim to restore the American dream through economic growth, protecting constitutional freedoms, and ensuring election integrity. As a group, we strive to actively educate and empower the voters of Routt County through community engagement and conversation.

Our Core Values

  • Upholding the Constitution and Prioritizing America
  • Commitment to Election Integrity
  • Defending the Bill of Rights (Including the 1st and 2nd Amendments)
  • Strong National Security – Protected Borders
  • Advocating for Parental Rights, Supporting Teachers, and Opposing CRT
  • Promoting a Strong Economy, Affordable Housing, and Fiscal Responsibility
  • Maintaining Energy Independence
  • Protecting the Right to Life and Religious Freedom

Routt County GOP Executive Committee

Heather DeVos


Leslie Bell

Vice Chair

Lisa Rosintoski

Vice Chair

Tom Chaney

Vice Chair

Kel Mauldin


Brett Ferrier


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