We are fighting to keep Routt County free, safe, and thriving

Freedom to Work

We support local business owners and their employees, and know that they are the backbone of a healthy, thriving economy. And we know that businesses know how to make the best choices for their business – not the government. Moreover, we know that increased and unnecessary taxes stifle innovation, hinder business growth, and obstruct opportunities for businesses to better support the local economy and provide more jobs. 

Freedom to Gather

We believe that all should have the freedom to gather in peace, from worship and wedding services to funerals and birthdays. And we always support the First Amendment right to peacefully protest.

Freedom from Crime

We back our law enforcement and the vast majority of honorable, dutiful, committed police officers who bear a burden we could never understand. We believe that law abiding citizens have the constitutional right to bear arms and that self defense is a fundamental human right.

Freedom in Schooling

We believe keeping our schools open is critical to keeping our children mentally healthy and educated. We also know that families should be free to choose the right education avenues for their children – not the government or teachers’ unions.