Your NW Colorado Voter Guide

2023 Statewide Ballot Issues

Proposition HH

Prop HH asks voters to approve a reduction in property taxes and replace the lost tax revenue with TABOR refunds. Residential property tax assessment rates would be dropped from 7.15% to 6.7% if the measure passes. The state would reimburse school districts and local governments for losses in property tax revenue.

Proposition II

Asks voters to either (1) allow the state to retain and spend revenue the state received above the estimated revenue generated from increases taxes on cigarettes and tobacco and nicotine products in Proposition EE or (2) refund $23.65 million to distributors and wholesalers and reduce the tobacco tax rate by 11.53%

2023 Local Ballot Issues

Local ballot issues coming soon.

2023 Local Candidates

Local candidates coming soon.