Your Local Elected Officials

The stakes of local elections might not be as widely reflected in the media as they are about the Presidential Election, but local elections have real consequences which directly affect our community.

Similar to how voters take the time to inform themselves of the issues on the ballot, our city and municipality leaders are better able to support us when given visibility into where YOU stand on these issues and how they are affecting YOU. Elected officials usually know what advocacy groups are saying about an issue, but they may not understand how a particular decision affects you. A well-written letter describing your experiences, observations, and opinions may help persuade an official in your favor.

From writing your elected officials to attending community meetings, it is important to get your voice heard and to express your opinions to our respective leaders, so with that being said, we encourage you to reach out.

Routt County Commissioners

Timothy CorriganDistrict 1 Commissioner Chair, Pro-Tem[email protected]
Timothy RedmondDistrict II Chair[email protected]
Sonja MacysDistrict III Commissioner[email protected]
Jay HarringtonCounty Manager[email protected]

Steamboat Springs City Council

Robin CrossanPresident District 1[email protected]Term 2023
Heather SloopPro Tem District III[email protected]Term 2023
Gail GareyCouncilor District 1[email protected]Term 2025
Michael BuccinoCouncilor District II[email protected]Term 2023
Joella WestCouncilor District II[email protected]Term 2025
Dakotah McGinleyCouncilor District III[email protected]Term 2025
Ed BrionesCouncilor At Large[email protected]Term 2023

Hayden Town Council

Ryan BanksMayor[email protected]
Bob ReeseMayor Pro-Tem[email protected]
Trevor GannCouncil Member[email protected]
Ed CorriveauCouncil Member[email protected]
Ryan LucasCouncil Member[email protected]
Melinda CarlsonCouncil Member[email protected]
Elaine HicksCouncil Member[email protected]
Matthew MediscoTown Manager[email protected]

Oak Creek Town Board

Nikki KnoebelMayor[email protected]970-846-2083
Wendy GustafsonMayor Pro-Tem[email protected]970-819-4761
Rhonda CrawfordTown Board[email protected]970-819-1496
Melissa DobbinsTown Board[email protected]304-445-5751
Bernie GagneTown Board[email protected]970-819-3624
Kelly McElfishTown Board[email protected]970-846-1340
Benjamin TuratiTown Board[email protected]413-537-1275
David TorglerTown Administrator[email protected]970-736-2422 x202

Steamboat Springs Board of Education

Katy LeePresident[email protected]970-871-3252Term 2025
Chresta BrinkmanVice President[email protected]970-871-3247Term 2025
Lara CraigSecretary[email protected]970-871-3250Term 2023
Alissa MerageTreasurer[email protected]970-871-3268Term 2023
Dr. Matthew RiceBoard Member[email protected]970-871-3255Term 2023
Dr. Celine WicksSuperintendent[email protected]970-871-3193

Hayden Board of Education

Tammy DelaneyPresident[email protected]Term 2023
Kevin LindVice President[email protected]Term 2023
Ryan WattlesTreasurer[email protected]Term 2025
Alicia DoolinSecretary[email protected]Term 2025
Jody CamillettiBoard Member[email protected]Term 2023
Christy SinnerSuperintendent[email protected]

South Routt Board of Education

Kristi SchalnusPresident[email protected]970-638-1097Term 2023
Jamie HoffVice President[email protected]970-291-5189Term 2025
Colette BurrisBoard Member[email protected]Term 2025
Lance MilesBoard Member[email protected]970-736-8468Term 2025
Mark WertheimerTreasurer[email protected]Term 2023
Jeffrey ClynckeSecretary[email protected]Term 2025
Suzanne HamillBoard Member[email protected]Term 2023

State & Federal Elected Officials

Communicating about issues that are important to you, your community and your work is also a good way to engage your legislators and learn more about their thinking. Sending a letter lets them know what issues matter to you, and starts a dialogue with them and their staff.

Colorado State Legislature

Meghan LukensHouse District #26[email protected]
Dylan RobertsSenate District #8[email protected]

United States Senate

United States House of Representatives
Congressional District 3