Get In Touch With Your Legislation

The stakes of local elections might not be as widely reflected in the media as they are about the Presidential Election, but local elections have real consequences which directly affect our community. Similar to how voters take the time to inform themselves of the issues on the ballot, our city and municipality leaders are better able to support us when given visibility into where YOU stand on these issues and how they are affecting YOU. Elected officials usually know what advocacy groups are saying about an issue, but they may not understand how a particular decision affects you. A well-written letter describing your experiences, observations, and opinions may help persuade an official in your favor. From writing your elected officials to attending community meetings, it is important to get your voice heard and to express your opinions to our respective leaders, so with that being said, we encourage you to reach out.

Local Government Resources

Steamboat Springs City Council

There are seven members of the Steamboat Springs City Council, representing constituents in all precincts of the city, including one At-Large Councilor.

Ed Briones Councilor At-Large Term Expires 11/2023 Email Ed Briones Biography
Robin Crossan President District I Term Expires 11/2023 Email Robin Crossan Biography
Gail Garey Councilor District I Term Expires 11/2025 Email Gail Garey Biography
Michael Buccino Councilor District II Term Expires 11/2023 Email Michael Buccino Biography
Joella West Councilor District II Term Expires 11/2025 Email Joella West Biography
Dakotah McGinlay Councilor District III Term Expires 11/2025 Email Dakotah McGinlay Biography
Heather Sloop Pro Tem District III Term Expires 11/2023 Email Heather Sloop Biography

Board of Routt County Commissioners – Agendas, Minutes and Meeting Packets

Board of Commissioners

  • BCC Monday Work Session
  • BCC Tuesday Regular Meeting
  • CBOE & Abatement Hearings


Historic Preservation Board

Museum Board



Hayden Town Council

The Town Council is the legislative and governing body of the Town of Hayden, which is a home rule municipality.  The seven-member Town Council consists of six (6) Councilmembers and one (1) Mayor.  Except when appointed to fill a vacancy, all Councilmembers are elected at large.

The Town Council provides direction to Town staff, enacts laws, adopts a budget and has the power of appointment over numerous Town officials. The Town Budget, approved and adopted by the Town Council, is used to estimate all of the revenues and expenses of Town and to provide spending direction for projects.

Zach Wustewald – Mayor

Bob Reese – Mayor Pro Tem

Trevor Gann – Councilmember

Ed Corriveau – Councilmember

Casey Bowman – Councilmember

Ryan Banks – Councilmember

Janet Hollifield – Councilmember

The Oak Creek Town Board

Nikki Knoebel – Mayor

Wendy Gustafson – Mayor Pro Tem

Rhonda Crawford – Board Member

Melissa Dobbins – Board Member

Bernard “Bernie” Gagne – Board Member

Kelly McElfish – Board Member

Benjamin Turati – Board Member

School District Boards

Steamboat Springs School District – Board of Education

Katy Lee – President

Lara Craig – Secretary

Alissa Merage – Board Member

Chresta Brinkman – Vice President

Kim Brack – Treasurer

Dr. Celine Wicks – Superintendent

Hayden – Board of Education

Tammie Delaney – President

Kevin Lind – Vice President

Ryan Wattles – Treasurer

Alicia Doolin – Secretary

Jody Camilletti – Board Member

South Routt School District – Board of Education

Kristi Schalnus – President

Jamie Hoff – Vice President

Mark Wertheimer – Treasurer

Jeffery Clyncke – Secretary

Colette Burris – Board Member

Suzanne Hamill – Board Member