Kathi Meyer: Fiscal Responsibility

Early in my lending career, my mentor told me to treat every financial decision I made as if it was funded by my own hard-earned dollars.

As your County Commissioner, I vow to treat every financial decision as if it was my last penny.

My track record on the Steamboat Springs City Council supports my ethic of conservative fiscal responsibility.

Kathi Meyer

I will use my 25 years of disciplined financial management experience to thoroughly evaluate and understand every aspect of Routt County’s revenue and expenses. My corporate experience and common-sense approach taught me fiscal discipline and the ability to understand complex financial structures.

One of the key duties of all County Commissioners is the annual budget review and oversight of the County’s revenues and expenses. Unlike some cities, counties and states, the current fiscal status of Routt County is strong. I pledge to continue that strength as your fiscal steward.

One of the core values adopted Routt County is fiscal responsibility. It states in part “An obligation… by balancing efficiency and flexibility with budgetary discipline, while seeking sustainable resources and practicing long-term planning and prudent use of debt.” I couldn’t agree more.

Every decision has consequences, and each consequence has a cost. I will make sure that my fellow Commissioners hear that principle on a regular basis.

SOURCE: Kathi Meyer for County Commissioner