Tracy Lawton – Routt County Commissioner District 2 Candidate

March 19, 2024
Contact:   Tracy Lawton
Title:          Routt County Commissioner District 2 Republican Candidate
Phone:      970-629-1985
Tracy Lawton – Routt County Commissioner District 2 Republican Candidate:  Building a Shared Vision Through Dialogue

Steamboat Springs, CO – Routt County Republicans are excited to announce the candidacy of Tracy Lawton, a 40 year ranch owner, former rodeo cowboy, District Manager, and family man as he embarks on running for District 2 Routt County Commissioner.  Tracy has a simple approach to being County Commissioner…listen, understand, and ensure the success of Routt County’s future through dialogue.  To the Greeks dia-logos meant a free-flowing of meaning through a group, allowing the group to discover insights not attainable individually.  Tracy believes not all voices are heard and that creates a problem when solving what Routt County needs to focus on now and for the future.

The mission of Routt County is to efficiently deliver a balance of public services and infrastructure to provide a safe and healthy place to live for present and future generations.  Tracy believes Routt County’s mission is exactly what he wants to achieve in a way that is inclusive to all Routt County residents.  Therefore, Tracy’s campaign commitments will focus on:

  • Representing the feedback of Routt County voters.
  • Property tax solutions that do not overburden landowners.
  • Infrastructure improvements that are needed now to be prepared for the future.
  • Development that enhances our way of life, values, and landscape.
  • Budgets that focus on Routt County’s mission.

Tracy has a simple message, “I live, work and play in Routt County. My simple goal is to listen to my district voters, regardless of political party, and be their voice in planning the future of Routt County’s success that is thoughtful and deliberate based on Routt County’s landscape and the people that live here.”


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