Nathan Butler – HD 26 Candidate

February 28, 2024
Contact:   Nathan Thomas Butler
Title:          House District 26 Republican Candidate
Phone:      469-215-9562
Facebook:    id=61556150947822&mibextid=ZbWKwL

Nathan Thomas Butler – House District 26 Republican Candidate:  YOUR Voice at the State Capitol

Steamboat Springs, CO – Routt County Republicans are excited to announce the candidacy of Nathan Thomas Butler, a military veteran, Craig City Councilman, and family man as he embarks on running against Meghan Lukens of Steamboat Springs, CO. for House District 26.  Nathan plans to run a civil campaign that focuses on the needs and values of the citizens at the State Capitol. Now more than ever, the Colorado State Capitol needs balance due to Democrats having a majority in the state house, senate, and the Governor’s Mansion.  Rampant legislation by the Democrat party is pursuing more government interference with Colorado citizens’ tax money, and at times, their TABOR protections.  In 2023, concerns about legislation on property taxes, energy, and education were not represented by House District 26’s representation.  Additionally, the recent release of wolves, with lack of legislative oversight, has caused many challenges for rural communities.  Balance of power at the State Capitol is key to effective and well-represented legislation.

Nathan’s campaign commitments will focus on:

  • Representing the values and feedback of Northwest Colorado and the voters of House District 26.
  • Defending and upholding constitutional rights, especially the First and Second Amendments of the United States Constitution.
  • Improving Colorado’s economy.
  • Tackling illegal and unvetted immigration that is crippling Colorado’s cities and endangering lives.
  • Honoring a pledge with the state Libertarian Party for pro-liberty values.

Nathan has already been labeled by Ms. Lukens in a recent campaign post with the statement, “…who attended the riots in Washington D.C. on January 6th of 2021.”  Nathan’s response to this fact is, “Ms. Lukens statement seems to infer that I was a part of the violence, which is not true. I travelled to D.C. to express my faith and attend the prayer rally on January 5. While I was in D.C., I decided to take the opportunity to hear President Trump speak the next day, where I notably did not hear any calls for violence against the government. I had no expectations that the results of the election would be changed or that Vice Present Pence would not certify the results on January 6.  Like so many Americans, I participated in a peaceful rally, a peaceful march and left the steps of the Capitol before the curfew ever took effect exercising my first amendment right of free speech. I look forward to debating Ms. Lukens and her voting record.”


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