Letter: House race isn’t a competition on who has lived here the longest

Letter: House race isn’t a competition on who has lived here the longest

In my short time of just over four years living in Routt County, I have come to truly love and value this rural area. I have had the opportunity to meet and speak candidly with Savannah Wolfson. It is important that our representation for District 26 also understands the challenges and mirrors with support. To completely understand the challenges and expenses of buying groceries, gas, housing, raising children and having livestock. 

This candidate race is not a competition on who has lived here the longest, but rather who fully understands all the obstacles of a rural community. I want a candidate that experiences the same cringe my family and I experience when paying for gas, housing and utility bills, and groceries. It is not easy to live in a rural area as costs keep rising and policies go against ranching communities—i.e. wolf reintroduction. Honesty seems to be a dying attribute, but I am confident Savannah Wolfson is honest and genuinely interested in supporting our district. 

Voting in elections is our civic duty. With the upcoming elections on November 8, 2022 quickly approaching, please vet the candidates that are running—don’t just vote for a candidate because of their affiliation. It is very important to have a candidate that reflects the values of their constituents and will properly represent and be the voice of District 26. Savannah Wolfson is just that candidate! 

S. Brett Ferrier – Hayden, CO

PUBLISHED SOURCE: Steamboat Pilot & Today

Letter: Wolfson will work to ease child care crisis in rural Colorado

Letter: Wolfson will work to ease child care crisis in rural Colorado

I was a licensed home child care provider for 30 years. On Aug. 31, I closed my facility. In those 30 years in a job I very much favored, I never had a politician reach out asking about my concerns, hopes and fears for the future of child care in our county — until Savannah Wolfson.

She not only reached out, but she visited my facility to learn about what is required of a quality licensed home. I also know I wasn’t the only provider that she went to see to gather information. Her eagerness to find out what day-to-day operations look like, the obstacles that providers face and to listen to reasons to why we have this child care crisis.

Savannah Wolfson is approachable, knowledgeable, believes in accountability and is willing to work to be a problem-solver, not a maker of problems. She believes and will stand up for us in rural Colorado.

I encourage you to vote for Savannah Wolfson House District 26. She will be the voice for rural Colorado.

Donna Starbuck

PUBLISHED SOURCE: Steamboat Pilot & Today

Savannah Wolfson: What Will It Take to Fund Our Schools?

Savannah Wolfson: What Will It Take to Fund Our Schools?

Oddly enough, many Democrats are running on a platform of education funding this year. They’ve had a supermajority in Colorado for 6 years, but chose not to fund our schools. Here’s one example of a rural school in our district dealing with severe water damage. Elementary kids in Rio Blanco County have had to stop class and help clean up water in the hallways. When I met with superintendent Matt Scoggins, his wish list for the school was simple. He wants to keep the kids safe, warm, and dry. Instead, he gets a facility with problems like this one.

Matt believes that this is poor stewardship and that the Budget Stabilization factor has hurt rural schools like his. Many attempts to boost education funding without raising taxes were introduced by Republicans in the last session, and the Democratic Party shot them down, because they didn’t want the money to be redirected from their pet projects.

This is where my Democratic opponent and I have a clear difference in policy ideas. She claims there is no funding for education because we need to get rid of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. Our state budget is over $30 billion. At some point, we need to ask, “Where is our money going?”

TABOR is a special law that says you, the people, get to decide if something is worth funding and worth a tax increase. Sometimes, the voters say yes. Other times, they say no. It is also a law that says that the state should return extra money they collect back to the people. It puts a check on the whims of politicians, and keeps your power and money within your family.

Any politician who wants to get rid of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights is a politician who doesn’t believe in honoring your finances. They are not a public servant. They cannot stand on a platform of affordability. They will not support the will of the people. This November, it’s a simple choice between a candidate who wants higher taxes and a candidate who believes in your right to say no.

While our schools are underfunded, let’s be the solution! Here are the Amazon Wish Lists of two teachers in the flooded elementary school. Would you buy a few items for these teachers?

This is the wish list for 5th grade

This is the wish list for 2nd Grade.

To those who buy from the wish lists, thank you for joining the movement to unite and protect our district!

Speaking of uniting and protecting NW Colorado, we’re in our last 100 days of campaigning to win this seat. Every dollar counts in this swing district. It is our firm belief that a candidate running on the Western Slope should have been living in the community before running for the seat, and separate from the Boulder politics. If you agree, pitch in and help us win!

No more one-party rule. No more Boulder reaching out and intruding on our local control. Instead, let’s have a representative focused on our local issues. We want #Affordability, and we want to #EndTheWarOnRuralColorado.

SOURCE: Savannah Wolfson for House District 26

Savannah Wolfson: #CrackdownOnCrime: What Does It Mean?

Savannah Wolfson: #CrackdownOnCrime: What Does It Mean?

One of my closest friends is an artist, a kind and compassionate woman who seeks peace and smiles everywhere she goes. She is also a survivor of horrific domestic violence. Her abuser tried to murder her. He violated his restraining order 84x in Routt County.

Usually, when we talk about high crime rates, everyone points to Denver. Our streets are cleaner, our people are friendly, and our schools don’t have metal detectors at the entrance. We don’t think about crime until it hits close to home, and then those who see it up close know that our system is failing victims. The truth is, we have a dark way of handling domestic violence around these parts. Abusers are often let out on the streets on PR bonds, with no ankle monitor. They are free as they keep their victims in a prison of terror.

Local law enforcement feels helpless. I talked to one officer in Steamboat Springs who said, “The ink isn’t even dry on the arrest paperwork before they’re let out again.” What a thankless job. While rehabilitation of abusers is possible at times, the needs of victims must always come first, and law enforcement needs to be supported.

Here are some more examples: “In Routt County, 336 domestic violence cases from 2018 to 2020 resulted in the defendant being issued a PR bond…” Failure to protect: A system meant to support defendants often backfires on victims of domestic violence | SteamboatToday.com

“‘a piece of paper won’t stop a gun or a knife blade. I’ve seen the scenario many times where someone gets arrested for domestic violence, they get out, and they’re arrested again within days,’ Karzen said. ‘At that point, the victim is terrorized, the victim loses trust in the system, and then the offender, to the extent there was hope of recovery and rehabilitation, is now facing more serious charges.’ Oak Creek shooter had history of domestic violence, was repeatedly let out on PR bond | SteamboatToday.com

PR bonds should never be issued for violent crime. The main reason we keep violent criminals behind bars is to keep victims safe. Routt County is my backyard, and I’ve observed this locally for a few years now, but I hear these stories across the district. If you have one to share, please contact me at [email protected]. I want to keep you in mind as I work on this at the state Capitol.

Finally, I’m excited to receive the endorsement of my local sheriff, Garrett Wiggins. I’m proud that my local law enforcement friends are also backing my candidacy, putting up signs in their yards and telling their friends to vote for me. These men and women are my heroes, the ones who run towards the danger instead of away from it, and it is humbling to receive their support. They are villainized in Colorado just for doing their jobs. It was the same party who touted “defund the police,” who has also let abusers run free across the state, and seeks to disarm the innocent. I will always stand up for our law enforcement to be able to do their jobs with more training, not less funding. We need to support them as they defend the innocent.

Standing up for victims–this is what it means to #CrackdownOnCrime.

If you want to see a strong advocate for victims go to the Colorado State House, please invest in this campaign today. Our investment limit is $800 per person, and even $20 a month makes a big difference!

SOURCE: Savannah Wolfson for House District 26

Savannah Wolfson: Cupcakes 

Savannah Wolfson: Cupcakes 

“Have a good day at school! Happy birthday, buddy!” I heard her say.

“Aww, it’s his birthday? Are you bringing cupcakes to school later?” I asked.

“Actually,” she responded, “I can’t fill up my tank with gas to get to the grocery store. I really don’t know what I’m going to do.”

I froze.

How many families are hurting this badly? Too many. I hear these stories everywhere I go. Kids only get one childhood. Mothers only get to raise their children once. What have we done to our beautiful nation and state?

We cannot continue on this way. It is time to run in the other direction.

We are literally paying for the bad policies. You can either empower the government or individuals, but not both. Many are learning today why we opt for empowering individuals. They’re learning at the gas pump, at the grocery store, at the bank. And they are ready for better ideas. Are you willing to join me in communicating effectively and kindly to those voters? They’re becoming more and more ready, so we can make huge strides in helping them see truth.

That’s why we are cruising on into the primary! I humbly ask for your vote! I will be top-ticket for the House District 26 race! Ballots will hit your mailboxes October 17th. Please fill them out and turn them in quickly!

We are currently in need of more funds to cover the last-minute primary ad push. Please consider making your investment now so we can reach our goals for the midterms. The investment limit is now $800 per voter. In order to win the general election, we must get through this first, and we need your help to do so.

Do you want to see me win and go on to the State House to advocate for affordability and safety, and to end the war on rural Colorado? I can’t do it without you! Here’s how you can help win the primary and the general:

Put up a yard sign! Invest in the campaign financially!

Talk to everyone you know! Share, react, and comment on our social media posts!

Set up a meet and greet in your town!

But before the primary, there’s one more important thing to do. Let’s come together as a community for Memorial Day. We remember those who died to protect others, defend our country, and keep us safe. We know there is no greater love than to make this sacrifice. Words are not sufficient, so I ask everyone to honor the fallen with your communities. As a military spouse, I also ask that you remember their loved ones in prayer. There will be a moment of silence at 3 PM local time on Memorial Day.

Moving forward, let’s work together to preserve and unify this nation that they fought and died for. And I’m sure they would agree that kids in our beloved country should get cupcakes on their birthday.

SOURCE: Savannah Wolfson for House District 26