Moving Forward

Celebrating successes and moving forward for a better Routt County and nation

The election is now behind us and we have A LOT to celebrate! Like…

We’re sending Lauren Boebert to Congress

Likely, Senator Rankin will continue representing Routt County and rural Coloradans

Joyce Rankin will continue her great work on the Colorado State Board of Education.

While the “Red Wave” we all hoped and prayed would come last night didn’t arrived, the “Blue Wave” the Democrats were CERTAIN would come NEVER CAME!

We should remain VERY HOPEFUL that the President will be re-elected and we will hold the Senate.

The Democrats and their media pollsters were convinced we’d never be in this position.

And…Much of this positive situation we are in is thanks to YOU!

We’ve been able to grow the Routt County Republicans by over 50% IN THE LAST THREE MONTHS.

Conservative values are strong in Routt County and with your help we’re going to make them stronger.

Our challenges moving into 2021 include…

Carrying our message stronger, louder and further,

Actively supporting our businesses, places of worship, and schools to recover from government-mandated lockdowns,

Pressuring our school districts to hold irresponsible educators accountable for their unacceptable behavior.

Join us in helping us keep Routt County free, safe, and thriving!

Let us know if you’d like to join us in moving Routt County forward!  We have various opportunities for volunteers, or if you’d like to further support our efforts you can also donate here.