Your Voice. Your Vote. Support The Issues That Matter Most.

Understanding ballot issues and how they affect Routt County is even more critical since the 2020 election.  However, regardless of the issue, voting in a state or local election is allowing your voice to be heard over the issues that matter most to you. Low turnout in local government elections can be traced to two main issues: lack of knowledge or general apathy. Many voters simply lack knowledge on local candidates, voting registration dates, and polling locations. Low local election turnout is also seen more noticeable in local and state elections on off-years when they do not receive a visibility boost from presidential elections (such as 2022). Local voters can also feel as though their vote does not matter and that they are powerless to make a change. However, with many local elections being decided by very few votes, the local level is where the impact of voting can be most impactful. Your voice is important to us and your fellow Routt County community members. Make sure your voice is heard by voting!

Environment and Energy

The Republican Party is the pioneer of environmentalism, with President Theodore Roosevelt as the founding father. Our Party seeks to continually reduce the impact human behavior has on our natural environment while also ensuring Americans have equal access to economic prosperity. This requires a balanced approach of keeping energy as cheap, accessible, reliable, and clean as possible. And this can be done by allowing free market principles to inspire technological innovation to improve existing energy production that is economically and environmentally sustainable. Source

Protecting Children

Our children are our future, and the Republican Party believes parents know what’s best for their health, safety, and education. Our public education system works for parents not the government. The Covid pandemic and government lockdowns exposed the corruption of many public education systems and their unions and allowed Americans to rethink and reengage how and what our children are taught. Public education should not discourage, divide, deceive, and confuse them. We must hold our public educators accountable to nurture, unite, empower, and honestly educate our children so they may succeed in life.

Economic Growth and Housing

The economy of Routt County is diverse with a healthy mix of outdoor recreational activities, hospitality, restaurants, agriculture, and energy. The latter industry is critically important but is in grave danger due to government regulations replacing coal, oil, and natural gas with more expensive and less reliable “renewable” energy alternatives. This replacement is costing tens of thousands of jobs in northwest Colorado and will have a huge negative impact on our communities as these industries and jobs leave the area. The Republican Party believes in an “all-the-above” approach to energy production, economic growth, transportation, and housing development. This must be an approach that balances the economic needs of our communities and the conservation of our natural resources.

Public Safety and Health

Law-abiding citizens deserve to be protected on their streets, in their parks, and in their homes. The Republican Party believes local peace officers and front-line workers need to be funded and empowered to protect and defend our communities effectively and efficiently. And our justice system needs to hold violent criminals accountable by keeping them off the streets and out of our communities. And our healthcare systems need to be responsive, accessible, and affordable with minimal government intervention using free market principles to innovate medicine and incentivize the expansion of services to rural Coloradans.