Denver, CO — In case you missed it, political outsider, successful business leader, and Republican nominee for U.S. Senate Joe O’Dea announced the top two legislative priorities he will be pursuing when elected to the U.S. Senate.

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Priority 1: Reduce Biden-era spending to reduce inflation and the deficit; re-prioritize funding away from the bureaucracy to protect our kids, communities, and border instead

Priority 2: Establish American energy dominance to reduce inflation and undercut the power of Putin and energy-rich tyrants

In the News:

Fox NewsColorado GOP Senate nominee O’Dea aims to target federal bureaucracy, push border security, energy dominance

“As part of his plan, O’Dea said in his first bill in the Senate he’d push to get “rid of new programs, new spending and new bureaucracy from [President] Biden and the Democrats. I would then use those cuts to drive down the deficit.”

“But on the combustible issue of immigration, O’Dea would break with hard-right conservatives and said he’d work with Senate Democrats to give Dreamers “full legal status.” Dreamers — the thousands of young undocumented immigrants brought into the country illegally by their parents — were granted legal protections through the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.”

“O’Dea highlighted that ‘my second bill would center on making America energy dominant. Let’s unleash American innovation and modernize permitting so we can modernize our grid and bring more clean energy online like wind, solar and nuclear. Let’s also get pipelines moving. Let’s get natural gas permits on the Western Slope and across the United States, along with LNG terminal permits, in the review process and approved and open new markets for our natural gas in Europe and Asia.'”

“O’Dea emphasized that ‘I’m running on the issues that are important to working Americans here in Colorado. It’s inflation, price of gas, price of groceries, record crime here in our state… And those are the issues I’m talking about. All this other nonsense with the Democratic Party, disingenuous ads, trying to paint me as something I’m not — I mean, it wasn’t but a couple of months ago I was moderate and now I’m a MAGA man. It’s unbelievable. These guys will do anything to stay in power.'”

What They’re Saying:

Paul Steinhauser, 
@steinhauserNH1: “2022 Watch-New on @FoxNews – #GOP Senate nominee @ODeaForColorado aims to target federal bureaucracy, push border security,energy dominance, tackle crime, in first bills, if elected in November.…#2022Elections#copolitics#FoxNews

Kristi Burton Brown, @ColoradoKbb: “The @coloradodems and @MichaelBennet refuse to stop the drugs flowing across our border – creating crime and killing our kids. Let’s elect @ODeaForColorado to clean it up! #copolitics

Dustin Zvonek, @DustinZvonek: “For too long Washington has failed to address our border crisis. We need leaders serious about solving problems not partisan posturing. Both parties have failed, it’s time for a new direction. #copolitics#cosen

Quill Robinson, @QuillRobinson: “.@ODeaForColorado is exactly right. America needs common-sense permitting reform to strengthen our energy security and continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Learn more about O’Dea’s campaign here

SOURCE: Joe O’Dea for Colorado

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