Savannah Wolfson: Cupcakes 

“Have a good day at school! Happy birthday, buddy!” I heard her say.

“Aww, it’s his birthday? Are you bringing cupcakes to school later?” I asked.

“Actually,” she responded, “I can’t fill up my tank with gas to get to the grocery store. I really don’t know what I’m going to do.”

I froze.

How many families are hurting this badly? Too many. I hear these stories everywhere I go. Kids only get one childhood. Mothers only get to raise their children once. What have we done to our beautiful nation and state?

We cannot continue on this way. It is time to run in the other direction.

We are literally paying for the bad policies. You can either empower the government or individuals, but not both. Many are learning today why we opt for empowering individuals. They’re learning at the gas pump, at the grocery store, at the bank. And they are ready for better ideas. Are you willing to join me in communicating effectively and kindly to those voters? They’re becoming more and more ready, so we can make huge strides in helping them see truth.

That’s why we are cruising on into the primary! I humbly ask for your vote! I will be top-ticket for the House District 26 race! Ballots will hit your mailboxes October 17th. Please fill them out and turn them in quickly!

We are currently in need of more funds to cover the last-minute primary ad push. Please consider making your investment now so we can reach our goals for the midterms. The investment limit is now $800 per voter. In order to win the general election, we must get through this first, and we need your help to do so.

Do you want to see me win and go on to the State House to advocate for affordability and safety, and to end the war on rural Colorado? I can’t do it without you! Here’s how you can help win the primary and the general:

Put up a yard sign! Invest in the campaign financially!

Talk to everyone you know! Share, react, and comment on our social media posts!

Set up a meet and greet in your town!

But before the primary, there’s one more important thing to do. Let’s come together as a community for Memorial Day. We remember those who died to protect others, defend our country, and keep us safe. We know there is no greater love than to make this sacrifice. Words are not sufficient, so I ask everyone to honor the fallen with your communities. As a military spouse, I also ask that you remember their loved ones in prayer. There will be a moment of silence at 3 PM local time on Memorial Day.

Moving forward, let’s work together to preserve and unify this nation that they fought and died for. And I’m sure they would agree that kids in our beloved country should get cupcakes on their birthday.

SOURCE: Savannah Wolfson for House District 26

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